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All rental items will need to be pre-ordered and will be delivered with the trailer.

1500 Watt, $15.00 per day includes gas
4000 Watt, $25.00 per day includes gas

48-Quart Ice Chest:
$10.00 for entire stay

Lawn Chair:
$5.00 for entire stay

Dishes, Pots and Pans:
$15.00 for entire stay

 6 Plates  2 Cooking Spoons
 6 Cereal-Salad Bowls  2 Spatulas
 6 Glasses  1 Can Opener
 6 Coffee Cups  1 Peeler
 1 Large Mixing Bowl  1 Corkscrew
 1 Small Bowl with Lid  1 Large Knife
 1 Strainer  1 Small Knife
 1 Complete Stove Top Coffee Pot  6 Forks
 1 Large Pot  6 Butter Knives
 3 Smaller Pots  6 Spoons
 2 Skillets  6 Steak Knives
 1 Pie Tin  3 Serving Spoons
 1 Measuring Cup  1 Cheese Grater
 1 Pair of Tongs  

Included with Trailer:
Broom, Mop, Dish Soap, Comet, Bucket, 6 Gallon Water Jug, 2 - 50' Water Hoses

Items you will need to bring:
All Bedding and Lines (Bath towel, Dish Rag and Dish Towel)
Bed Linens will depend on the model of the trailer you have rented. Sleeping Bags work very well.

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